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A Defensive Scheme Mystery

There is always going to be a good debate between fans on how the Raiders should scheme on defense. It really doesn’t matter what side you are on, because there are good arguments for both sides. There has been speculation

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McKenzie’s Shortlist

Pete Carmichael Jr. Status: Interviewed 1/13, no longer under consideration Age: 40 Specialty: Offense/Quarterbacks Current Position: Offensive Coordinator, New Orleans Saints Head Coaching Experience: None McKenzie link: unknown Notes: Carmichael has been Sean Payton’s offensive coordinator for many years. He’s

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  • @DaBronxx_Inc Not by design. Barely cleared defenders hands. Thrown into area with traffic that just didn't react.
    about 36 mins ago
  • @fast_eddie70 What did I do? Thanks!
    about 40 mins ago
  • Some tackling would be nice Chargers.
    about 43 mins ago
  • Got the first one. Bit of a yolo toss by Rivers to Royal, but they'll take it.
    about 45 mins ago
  • Gotta get a TD here and then another out of half. Then it might get interesting.
    about 46 mins ago