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Combine Report: Thursday

1. First Item I found came from Jerry McDonald. Here is the quote: One personnel expert’s assessment of LSU defensive tackle Glenn Dorsey as opposed to USC defensive tackle Sedrick Ellis: “Dorsey. Hands down. He’s a top four pick no

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  • He got a promotion. Raiders had chance to keep him if he didn't get job in Cleveland.
    about 18 mins ago
  • Bill Musgrave's face on Carr's INT.
    about 20 mins ago
  • Coaching changes don't help, but it's still preseason.
    about 20 mins ago
  • Carr needs to be smarter than that. Broken play. Take the sack.
    about 22 mins ago
  • FG. FG. FG. FG. FG. INT for TD.
    about 24 mins ago