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Week 4 Preview: Pressure On Raiders Defense

It’s all about the defense this Sunday. The performance of the defense will either cement the Raiders as one of the elite teams in the NFL or it will push the Raiders back into mediocrity.   Richard Seymour vs Patriots

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  • He got a promotion. Raiders had chance to keep him if he didn't get job in Cleveland.
    about 16 mins ago
  • Bill Musgrave's face on Carr's INT.
    about 18 mins ago
  • Coaching changes don't help, but it's still preseason.
    about 18 mins ago
  • Carr needs to be smarter than that. Broken play. Take the sack.
    about 20 mins ago
  • FG. FG. FG. FG. FG. INT for TD.
    about 22 mins ago