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RIP Dr. Death: Skip Thomas Dies

Alonzo “Skip” Thomas known best by his nickname Doctor Death passed away from a heart attack today. He was 61. Thomas had back-to-back six interception seasons in 1974 and 1975 and his fierce tackling earned him his nickname. He had

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  • Phil Simms would never make it in the rickety Candlestick elevator, but Levi's stadium has Teleporters. He's good.
    about 29 mins ago
  • Prediction: commercials disappoint.
    about 31 mins ago
  • Demaryius will fumble tonight. Peyton will throw an interception. Broncos still win.
    about 32 mins ago
  • I have some Bourbon too. And Beer. And wine. And vodka. May not have them all tonight.
    about 34 mins ago
  • Depends on the football pool. If I win, for sure.
    about 35 mins ago