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Major RAMifications: Rams @ Raiders Preview

Second-year head coach Steve Spagnuolo has the St. Louis Rams on the right path. With Sam Bradford the highest paid rookie quarterback ever leading the way. The team formerly from Los Angeles takes on the other team formerly from Los

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  • @jharders35 Things have changed a lot in modern countries in terms of earthquake preparedness, but fair point.
    about 16 mins ago
  • @jharders35 Hurricanes are no big deal unless they are Cat 4+ usually. Big Earthquakes are rare. Mostly a little shake.
    about 21 mins ago
  • @jharders35 I said worst on record. Tornados size grow with intensity, which means path could be huge. All do, except Earthquakes.
    about 23 mins ago
  • RT @CauseWereGuys: How dope is this?
    about 25 mins ago
  • @BrandonTierney Chris Tierney has surpassed you as the most talented Tierney I know of. Just thought you should know.
    about 25 mins ago