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Raiders @ Broncos Preview

The Raiders kicked the Broncos tail last season, but every season is different. The Broncos have a new head coach and return Elvis Dumervil. The Broncos also added a dynamic rookie in Von Miller in April’s draft. The Broncos are a different team

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  • @TheRealRubenRod Maybe, maybe not. Baseball is much better for revitalizing neighborhoods.
    about 10 mins ago
  • @TheRealRubenRod They really aren't. Just the fans. Would never pass a vote.
    about 52 mins ago
  • @familyoso Thank you. I know it will.
    about 53 mins ago
  • @_rahul24 @RaiderTruths He was on the 5 year list, but didn't have best year in red zone last year.
    about 53 mins ago
  • @BrianMejiaNFL Thanks Bud. No worries my man.
    about 54 mins ago