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2011 First Round: Situation Unchanged

The Raiders came into the day without a first-round draft pick and finished the day without acquiring one. Not much has changed. The Raiders still have needs and the same number of picks to work with. The only thing that happened

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Interview with Draft Prospect Colin Kaepernick (Audio)

Fast rising prospect Colin Kaepernick (@Kaepernick10) talks about his visit with the Raiders, his decision to stay home for the draft, the pistol offense and more. Thanks to Shawn Smith (@1stladyXAMSport) and Scott Smith (@XAMSports) for making the interview happen.

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  • @adeeldough Grieving and remembering are not the same thing.
    about 39 mins ago
  • @adeeldough Tell that to military families.
    about 42 mins ago
  • @adeeldough Amen.
    about 43 mins ago
  • @MGiraldi Partly blame parents. Hard to make kids earn things. Guessing many parents quit. Treat too many things as disposable.
    about 43 mins ago
  • @burn_spear Far from perfect, but we are doing far better than the rest of the world. Not meant to be a debate, just to make people think.
    about 48 mins ago