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Week 13 Matchups: Risk/Reward

Defensive Matchups Stanford Routt vs. Brandon Marshall Marshall can take over and when his mind is right he is one of the best wide receivers in the game. Routt has an interception in two consecutive games and may be starting

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  • Phil Simms would never make it in the rickety Candlestick elevator, but Levi's stadium has Teleporters. He's good.
    about 32 mins ago
  • Prediction: commercials disappoint.
    about 34 mins ago
  • Demaryius will fumble tonight. Peyton will throw an interception. Broncos still win.
    about 35 mins ago
  • I have some Bourbon too. And Beer. And wine. And vodka. May not have them all tonight.
    about 37 mins ago
  • Depends on the football pool. If I win, for sure.
    about 38 mins ago