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Training Camp, ESPN, Local Beat Writers

ESPN is at it again. People who work for ESPN can’t do anything on Twitter. They can tell you they are going to the bathroom or waking up in the morning, but anything sports related will have to go through

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Fabian Washington Arrested

WWSB out of Florida reports he was arrested for domestic battery. So much for trading the guy. Well, maybe he will be able to play a bit more aggressive with a criminal record. This isn’t likely to get him back

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Cut, Sign, Change

Based on the salary cap and performance, the following are players that will or might be gone or need to restructure, may be traded, should be re-signed or will be moved to a new position. THE CAP CATEGORY1. Jordan –

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  • @JeremyMartin91 Not many options. Why Allen might last.
    about 46 mins ago
  • @JeremyMartin91 If everything falls right.
    about 49 mins ago
  • @LionDarrin Yes, but London week is different.
    about 49 mins ago
  • Let's wait until Dennis Allen's seat burns to ash first. RT @kelsi_333: @ChrisHansenNFL predictions on raiders new head coach???
    about 2 hours ago
  • RT @fbgchase: Bruce Arians is 22-9 against the spread as head coach. That's insanely good.
    about 2 hours ago