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The RaidersBlog Podcast – Episode 4

In episode 4 of the Raiders Blog Podcast, Christopher Hansen (@chrishansenNFL) and Taylor Armosino (@tarmosino) talk some Raider draft strategy and recap this weekend’s NFL Combine.   or other podcast clients:

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  • Robert Griffin the third quarterback.
    about 53 mins ago
  • @tompageiii A good one that is a known commodity not a guy that's never made a 53.
    about 55 mins ago
  • @tompageiii Not gonna happen, that's why.
    about 59 mins ago
  • Doesn't matter because he'll be on the end of the line no matter what.
    about 3 hours ago
  • Impressive they got something. He's been on the outs since last year.
    about 3 hours ago