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Week 11 Defensive Preview: Focus is on the Linebackers

The 2011 Minnesota Viking Offense is very similar to the offense of the 2009 Oakland Raiders. Both of these offenses featured young developing quarterbacks and potentially game braking running backs. The Raiders won five games during the 2009 season. With

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Week 11 Offensive Preview: All About The Fatties

The Raiders success on offense this Sunday in Minnesota relies on the massive shoulders of the offensive line.  The big boys up front dominated the Chargers defensive line last Thursday night, providing big holes for Michael Bush and a solid

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Raiders’ Week 11 Fantasy Outlook

Quarterback Carson Palmer is a name that is generating a lot of buzz this week, partly because of his solid stat line in Week 10 (299 yards, 2 TD passes, 1 INT). It also has to do with the fact

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The Raiders’ Open Road

This Sunday the Raiders travel to Minnesota and face the Vikings. This game will feature two of the top five rushing teams in the league. While the Vikings run All Day (Adrian Peterson), their passing game is anemic. While defending

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  • Not many GMs have any value as recruiters beyond using $ to lure them. Players have to deal with coaches on day-to-day basis.
    about 22 mins ago
  • Worth noting that the Raiders reached out to guys like Darrelle Revis and DeSean Jackson and were rebuffed. Harbaugh has value as recruiter.
    about 26 mins ago
  • The power HC structure usually gives him autonomy over the 53-man roster. GM runs show in offseason.
    about 28 mins ago
  • Can Harbaugh coexist with anyone long-term? RT @JamalM510: @ChrisHansenNFL You think Harbaugh can coexist with Reggie?
    about 36 mins ago
  • @HBNadolny That would be like a plan C in my mind. Everyone turns them down kind of emergency plan.
    about 40 mins ago