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Al Davis: Our Football Father 1929-2011

Where would the NFL be today without Al Davis? The iconic owner of our beloved Raiders passed away today at the age of 82. The simple answer is that it wouldn’t be the same. Al Davis shaped football and Al

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RIP Dr. Death: Skip Thomas Dies

Alonzo “Skip” Thomas known best by his nickname Doctor Death passed away from a heart attack today. He was 61. Thomas had back-to-back six interception seasons in 1974 and 1975 and his fierce tackling earned him his nickname. He had

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  • @DeeterSports Speed was fluffed up, but he's plenty fast. Big, high points. Drops were fixable. Wasn't a hands issue.
    about 13 hours ago
  • @DeeterSports Interesting. I think people are wrong about Perriman.
    about 13 hours ago
  • For the record, I like most of those players, just not where they were selected.
    about 13 hours ago
  • My worst picks lists: B. Scherff, E. Flowers, A. Armstead, S. Thompson, M. Edwards, G. Grayson, S. Mannion, F. Clark. Give me your top 5.
    about 13 hours ago
  • That's a lot of thumbs ups.
    about 13 hours ago