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2013 Training Camp – Raw Audio Interviews Day 2

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2013 Training Camp Day 2 in Photos

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Raiders Talk with Chris Hansen and Taylor Armosino

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Week 11 NFL Power Rankings 2012

I made some improvements to the power rankings this week. Let me explain some of my reasoning and method. First, I decided that power rankings look at what teams have done and not what they will do so there is

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Week 10 NFL Power Rankings

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Week 5 Raiders Talk With Lincoln Kennedy

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Videocast: Raiders Talk With Lincoln Kennedy

Lincoln Kennedy will be talking about the Raiders on Spreecast today at 3 p.m. PST with Taylor Armosino (@tarmosino) and me (@ChrisHansenNFL). Come check it out.

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Live Blog: Lions @ Raiders

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Oakland Raiders Preseason Review: Training Camp to Preseason Game 1

The Oakland Raiders are through one preseason game and 11 days of training camp practice and you might have missed a training camp report or two along the way. That’s why I decided to make sure you had easy access

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Training Camp Day 4 Primer

Friday’s training camp practice starts at 2:20 p.m. Did you forget what happened the rest of the week or are you still catching up from a busy work week? No problem! Check out these links to my camp report series.

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  • @ryanscotthall @RyFo18 No bias and perhaps even an affinity for if all else is equal. UM also has that going for them.
    about 6 hours ago
  • @ezbeme81 @ebola2012 Who on Sirius?
    about 6 hours ago
  • @ryanscotthall @RyFo18 No, but I don't think the job would seem undesirable to him because "it's the Raiders" as it has for many in past.
    about 6 hours ago
  • @HBNadolny No.
    about 6 hours ago
  • @ryanscotthall @RyFo18 What does him being dead have to do with it?
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