Chris Hansen – Editor

The poor economy and converging media left me without many opportunities to use my degree in Broadcast Journalism. Having taken a corporate job to support my family, I felt the best thing to do was blog about the local sports scene. After a couple of years it really started to take off and Raidersblog has become one of Raider Nation’s go-to destinations for news and analysis.

I bring years of expertise and education to the table and will manage the content of 32 branded team blogs that will launch with similar names.

Don’t worry, I’ll continue to provide the great Raiders content you expect and much more. I may occasionally suggest good beer.

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  • Kchoover2

    Hello Chris!

    I’m a Chargers fan and I read Raiders blogs and some of your bleacher report stories. Dude, did the NFL suddenly start paying Raiders’ bloggers to dump on Al Davis or are you Raiders fans or “new era” fans? Because some of the stuff you and Levi Damien say is so halarious.

    They dump Hue Jackson, They hire a guy that got his mediocre D air attacked by Tom Brady. They make K.C. stronger. Then claim to 30 something dbs are an upgrade over the two outstanding dbs (Routt and the other guy). They let Michael Bush and Campbell walk. They cut my most hated Raider, Wimbley. And they then sign all these mediocre to average to good players and you expect to win in 2012? An inexperienced HC, DC and GM? Go ahead, trade DMAC and Ford. We’ll take Kelly. His new receivers are tall and slow, other than McGee from Al’s era these new guys are above average. Trading Murphy for a 7th to keep one of those UDFA wr’s? Go Reggie Go! And the new GM wants a 3-4 defense….so they want to get rid of some of those linemen? Thats more scoring against Oakland for us.

    He cleaned house and the NFL picked up what he threw out and those teams, not Oakland are better.