Week 2 Review Podcast

I recap the Raiders devastating loss to the Atlanta Falcons in Week 2.

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  • RT @WilliamsonNFL: 22 veterans commit suicide each day. Save those lives w/ service dogs from Life Changing Service Dogs. https://t.co/LWpV…
    about 16 mins ago
  • RT @JordanHeckFF: lol https://t.co/MgMRFPzBIc
    about 28 mins ago
  • He's accountable for team performance. Bill Belichick benches guys for fumbling. https://t.co/plL40MVAQ5
    about 31 mins ago
  • RT @JordanCarruth: Part 2 https://t.co/uxNECrNOqE
    about 34 mins ago
  • Injury bug likes them, but how many times can this happen to Mike McCoy's team before he is held accountable?
    about 35 mins ago