Final 53-Man Roster Prediction

The Oakland Raiders will trim their roster to 53 players today. Expect them to make at least two waiver claims Sunday to address needs at defensive back and on the offensive line. As such, there are a couple guys on this final roster who could be waived on Sunday and could subsequently find their way onto the team’s practice squad.

As is, I’ve included a list of players who are candidates for the practice squad. There is some positional imbalance on the 53-man roster as I expect the Raiders to balance it out with a few waiver claims.

Carrie, TJCBDB532
Hayden, DJCBDB533
McGill, KeithCBDB532
Thorpe, NeikoCBDB533
McDonald, DexterCBDB53R
McDonald, TevinFS/SCBDB530
Allen, NateSDB536
Asante, LarrySDB534
Ross, BrandianSDB534
Woodson, CharlesSDB5318
Autry, DenicoDEDL532
Edwards, Mario Jr.DEDL53R
Harris, ShelbyDEDL531
Mayowa, BensonDEDL533
Tuck, JustinDEDL5311
Mack, KhalilDEDL532
Ellis, JustinDTDL532
Lumpkin, RickyDTDL531
Williams, DanDTDL536
Armstrong, Ray-RayLBLB533
Heeney, BenLBLB53R
Lofton, CurtisLBLB538
Smith, MalcolmLBLB535
Ball, NeironLBLB53R
Alexander, LorenzoOLBLB539
Hudson, RodneyCOL535
Jackson, GabeGOL532
Barnes, KhalifOLOL5311
Feliciano, JonOLOL53R
McCants, MattOLOL533
Webb, J'MarcusOLOL535
Howard, AustinTOL536
Penn, DonaldTOL5310
Carr, DerekQBQB532
McGloin, MattQBQB533
Reece, MarcelFBRB536
Helu, Jr., RoyRBRB535
Jones, TaiwanRBRB535
Murray, LataviusRBRB533
Janikowski, SebastianKST5316
Condo, JonLSST539
King, MarquettePST534
Rivera, MychalTETE533
Smith, LeeTETE535
Walford, CliveTETE53R
Holmes, GabeTETE530
Butler, BriceWRWR533
Cooper, AmariWRWR53R
Crabtree, MichaelWRWR537
Holmes, AndreWRWR534
Roberts, SethWRWR531
Streater, RodWRWR534
Chekwa, ChimdiCBDBCut4
Mays, TaylorSDBCut6
Wilkins, GaryDEDLCut0
Wilson, C.J.DLDLCut6
McGee, StacyDTDLCut3
Bergstrom, TonyOLOL534
Ponder, ChristianQBQBCut5
Olawale, JamizeFBRBCut3
Tavecchio, GiorgioKSTCut1
Leonhardt, BrianTETECut2
Durham, KrisWRWRCut5
Wylie, DevonWRWRCut2
Edwards, SaQwanDBDBPS0
Valles, MaxDEDLPSR
Orr, LeonDTDLPS0
Hadley, SpencerLBLBPS1
Shirley, JoshLBLBPS0
Bell, MitchGOLPS0
Kistler, DanTOLPS1
Morris, AnthonyTOLPSR
Atkinson III, GeorgeRBRBPS1
Dyer, MichaelRBRBPS0
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