The RaidersBlog Podcast Episode 27

Christopher Hansen and Taylor Armosino dive into the future of Dennis Allen in a marathon podcast.

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  • Tony Bergstrom is 28. He's the same age as Curtis Lofton.
    about 52 mins ago
  • Raiders have 3 non ST, non-Woodson players over 30. Penn, Tuck, Boothe. The latter is squarely on the bubble.
    about 53 mins ago
  • @Raiders42025 was pick 75,
    about 58 mins ago
  • In hindsight, the Broncos had that draft in 2012 despite wasting pick on Osweiler. Malik Jackson & Danny Trevathan prob best late-rounders.
    about 59 mins ago
  • One non-special team pro bowl player was selected after Tony Bergstrom in 2012.
    about 1 hour ago