The Raidersblog Podcast Week 5 – Episode 21

Matt Flynn demoted to No. 3 quarterback, Redskins game recap, injury updates and Chargers preview all in this week’s show.

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  • me

    File size 0.0KB nothing there.

    • Chris Hansen

      It says 0.0, but it should still work.

  • me

    Ok thnx.

  • me

    Really liked the video format 2 bad it didn’t work out.

    • Chris Hansen

      It’s not gone forever.

  • me

    Good 2 hear. love the show btw good commentary and intelligent insight keep up the good work.


  • @ThomasGower I think he's right there. What about him makes yoy say that?
    about 3 mins ago
  • Still think Jets land Mariota somehow. Rivers stays put and his status becomes becomes a year-long nightmare.
    about 6 mins ago
  • @ThomasGower Class isn't as top heavy as many years, so it's being built up. Hype train.
    about 9 mins ago
  • @ThomasGower What do you require to fall in love? They have to tickle your underparts when watching video? Eye twitch? Butterflies?
    about 11 mins ago
  • @ThomasGower I like Hunter and Smith. My crushes are probably Beasley, Cooper, Kendricks.
    about 15 mins ago