Videocast: Raiders Talk With Lincoln Kennedy

Lincoln Kennedy will be talking about the Raiders on Spreecast today at 3 p.m. PST with Taylor Armosino (@tarmosino) and me (@ChrisHansenNFL). Come check it out.

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  • Terrell Randall

    Wish they could have won vs the Donks and Falcons.


  • @DaBronxx_Inc Not by design. Barely cleared defenders hands. Thrown into area with traffic that just didn't react.
    about 36 mins ago
  • @fast_eddie70 What did I do? Thanks!
    about 40 mins ago
  • Some tackling would be nice Chargers.
    about 43 mins ago
  • Got the first one. Bit of a yolo toss by Rivers to Royal, but they'll take it.
    about 45 mins ago
  • Gotta get a TD here and then another out of half. Then it might get interesting.
    about 46 mins ago