Preseason Profile: Miles Burris, LB

Miles Burris #56

College: San Diego St.
Height: 6’2⅛”
Weight: 246 lbs
Arm Length: 31.7″
Hand Size 9.7″


40 Yard Dash: 4.67
3 Cone Drill: 6.81
20 Yard Shuttle: 4.20
Bench Press: 31 reps
Vertical Jump: 37.5″
Broad Jump: 121″


The Raiders seemed very excited at the opportunity to grab Miles Burris in the 4th round of the draft this year. In my opinion Miles seemed to fly under the radar a bit, and I wanted to dig a little deeper into why that was. Miles is a very instinctive player. He rarely second guesses his first read, and doesn’t waste movements during the play. By that I mean he doesn’t take a lot of “false steps” or move lateral too much.  Because of that Miles plays faster than his 40 time suggests and is another reason why straight line speed is overrated by many. He has an attack mentality about him that I believe had a lot to do with the Raiders interest in him.

Miles made a lot of “splash” plays at San Diego St. His relentlessness and motor remind me of Von Miller, but his physical ability is less superior. He plays with an extreme passion and wants to be in on every play. That is a great quality to posses and it can’t be taught. Burris is also very strong for a 246 lbs linebacker. He was able to do 31 reps on the bench at the combine, and was still able to be one of the top performers in vertical jump and broad jump. Because of his strength and agility he is able to get off blocks and be effective in traffic.

The biggest concern about Miles Burris though, is that he doesn’t have a lot of room for growth in his game. Many seem to believe that while he might be almost ready to start now in the NFL, he might not ever be more than a slightly above average player long term. Now that is a pretty bold assumption in my opinion, of course only time will tell the story. I will say this though, Burris seems to be a very blue collar type player. He takes care of his body and seems to give his all, all the time. Burris racked up 40 tackles for loss, and 18 sacks in his last 2 years in college.

Did the Raiders see in Miles Burris what others failed to recognize or is the majority right in predicting a low ceiling for Burris?


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  • 434AT3M3

    Burris stats would match or rival Von Miller if they used him the same way. Von Miller blitzes a lot more and has a compliment on the other side of the line. Burris has a high celiing…I love how losers constantly put limits on things they know nothing about. GO RAIDERS!!!