Allen’s Coordinator Options

Defensive Coordinator


Bill Johnson – Raiders denied permission to interview.
Age: 65
Current Position: Defensive Line Coach, New Orleans Saints
Previous DC Experience: None
Notes: Coached at Texas A&M during Dennis Allen’s playing career and got him hired by the Falcons. Johnson followed Allen to New Orleans. Too much history here to ignore.


Billy Davis
Age: 46
Current Position: LB coach, Cleveland Browns
Previous DC experience: 2005-2006 49ers, 2009-2010 Cardinals

Ed Donatell
Age: 53
Current Position: DB Coach, San Francisco 49ers
Previous DC experience: 2008 (Univ. of Washington), 2004-2006 (Atlanta Falcons), 2000-2003 (Green Bay Packers)

Brett Maxie
Age: 50
Current Position: DB coach, Dallas Cowboys
Previous DC experience: None

Richard Smith – Raiders denied permission to interview
Age: 56
Current Position: LB Coach, Denver Broncos
Previous DC Experience: 2006-2008 (Houston Texans), 2005 Miami Dolphins

Joe Whitt Jr. – Interviewed
Age: 33
Current Position: Secondary coach – cornerbacks
Previous DC experience: none
Notes: Worked with Richard Smith in Atlanta. Smith was one of Allen’s mentors. Excellent read on him by JSOnline.

Greg Manusky – Hired by the Colts.
Previous position: DC, San Diego Chargers
Previous DC experience: Yes.

Offensive Coordinator

Mike Johnson
Age: 44
Previous Position: OC, UCLA (Interim HC)
Previous OC experience: 2010-2011 (49ers San Francisco 49ers, UCLA Bruins)

Greg Knapp – Hired
Age: 48
Current Position: QB Coach, Houston Texans
Previous OC experience: 2001-2009 (49ers, Falcons, Raiders, Seahawks)

Jeff Jagodzinski
Age: 48
Previous Position: HC, 2010 Omaha Nighthawks (UFL)
Previous OC Experience: 2006 (Green Bay Packers) & 2009 (Tampa Bay Buccaneers)

Clancy Barone
Age: 48
Current Position: OL Coach, Denver Broncos
Previous OC experience: 2000-02 (Houston Univ.), 1997-99 (Wyoming)

Joe Lombardi
Age: 31
Current Position: QB Coach, New Orleans Saints
Previous OC experience: None

Aaron Kromer
Age: 45
Current Position: OL/Running Game, New Orleans Saints
Previous OC experience: None
Note: 2002-2004 OL Coach for the Raiders, interviewed for Rams vacant Head Coaching Position.

Al Saunders
Age: 64
Current Position: OC, Oakland Raiders (under contract for 1 more season)
Previous OC Experience: A lot.

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  • Fred G Sanford

    Bill Johnson is not 65 years old.

    • Chris Hansen

      Nope he’s 56. Thanks.