McKenzie’s Shortlist

Pete Carmichael Jr.
Status: Interviewed 1/13, no longer under consideration
Age: 40
Specialty: Offense/Quarterbacks
Current Position: Offensive Coordinator, New Orleans Saints
Head Coaching Experience: None
McKenzie link: unknown

Notes: Carmichael has been Sean Payton’s offensive coordinator for many years. He’s relatively young and took a greater role in playcalling this season when Sean Payton was injured. If the Raiders decide to go with an offensive mind, they could do much worse.

Todd Bowles
Status: Interviewed 1/14
Age: 48
Specialty: Defensive Backs
Previous Position: Defensive Backs Coach & Interim Head Coach, Miami Dolphins
Head Coaching Experience: 2-1 (2011 Dolphins)
McKenzie link: unknown

Notes: Bowles seems to be a rising star, but he’s never been a coordinator at the NFL level. If hired, Bowles will need to bring in strong offensive and defensive coordinator. He’s got a long history with the Bill Parcells coaching and front office tree. Has potential to stay in Miami or consider other job if he isn’t hired as a head coach.

Dennis Allen
Status: Interviewed 1/18, second interview requested.
Age: 39
Specialty: Defense
Current Position: Defensive Coordinator, Denver Broncos
Head Coaching Experience: None
McKenzie link: unknown

Notes: Head of a strong defensive unit in Denver last season, his first as defensive coordinator. Could be a rising star as he has received promotions every couple years during his coaching career. If the Raiders decide to go with a young defensive-minded coach that is familiar with the division, Allen could be the right guy.

Marty Morhinweg
Status: Interviewed 1/20. No longer under consideration.
Age: 49
Specialty: Offense
Current Position: Assistant Head Coach
Head Coaching Experience: 5-27 (2000-2001 Lions), 75-52 (Assistant Head Coach 2004-2011 Eagles)
McKenzie Link: Yes, 1995-1996 Packers

Notes: He was very bad in Detroit as a head coach, but he may get a pass considering the talent he was given and the general manager at the time was Matt Millian. He’s been Andy Reid’s assistant head coach since 2004. He’s clearly a good offensive mind that could bring the west coast offense back to the west coast.

Mike Tice
Status: Interview Cancelled.
Age: 52
Specialty: Offensive Line
Current Position: Offensive Coordinator (Promoted January 6, 2012 from offensive line coach)
Head Coaching Experience: 32-33 (2001-2005 Vikings)
McKenzie link: Unknown

Notes: Tice clearly is a good coach, he’s always landed on his feet. His head coaching stint was unfruitful and plagued by controversy. It is a potentially bad idea to bring in a coach with questionable character to try and iradicate the penalty problem in Oakland. He’s also over 50 and not a young or fresh coach that are becomming plentiful. If he was a genius, we’d know it by now.

Winston Moss
Status: Interviewed 1/14 for 4 hours.
Age: 46
Specialty: Linebackers
Current Position: Assistant Head Coach/Inside Linebackers Coach, Green Bay Packers
Head Coaching Experience: Assistant Head Coach, 55-25, 2007-2011 Packers
McKenzie link: Yes, 2006-2011 Packers

Notes: Instant favorite the Raiders search, partly because McKenzie is rumored to have said that if he ever received a General Manager position that Winston Moss would be the guy he would hire. Moss is not only and ex-Raider, but he knows McKenzie well. He was only responsible for the inside linebackers of the Packers.

Dom Capers
Status: Interview cancelled
Age: 61
Specialty: Defense/Defensive Backs
Current Position: Defensive Coordinator, Green Bay Packers
Head Coaching Experience: 48-80 (1995-1998 Panthers, 2002-2005 Texans)
McKenzie link: Yes, 2009-2011

Notes: He’s nearing retirement age and coached a defense that-while opportunitic-allowed a lot of yards. He’s been a head coach and largely been a failure. He may be a good coordinator and maybe he has learned a thing or two about being a head coach since he was fired after the 2005 season in Houston, but his age and track record are now working against him.

Tom Clements
Status: Rumored Candidate.
Age: 58
Specialty: Quarterbacks
Current Position: Quarterback Coach, Green Bay Packers
Head Coaching Experience: None
McKenzie link: Yes, 2006-2011 Packers

Notes: With the exodus of Joe Philbin he could be elevated to offensive coordinator in Green Bay. He wants to call plays, so taking a job elsewhere to become an offensive coordinator also makes sense. He’s familiar with McKenzie. Is he ready to be a head coach? He’s 58, perhaps he never will be.

Mike McCoy
Status: Reportedly Not Interested
Age: 39
Specialty: Offense
Current Position: Offensive Coordinator, Denver Broncos
Head Coaching Experience: None
McKenzie link: unknown

Notes: Will McKenzie reach out to him again after being rebuffed so McCoy could seek the Dolphins position? Probably not. He cost himself the opportunity to interview, even if he was a longshot to get the position. He’s a young offensive coach.

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