Studs and Duds From Week 14

Surely in a blowout loss there were more duds than studs. I suppose a stud is relative to the play of the rest of the team when the score is 147-14. A few players did have nice days and the rest didn’t. There were probably more duds than I can list, so the duds this week are the “Death Ro” of duds.


Desmond Bryant

He’s earning himself more playing time each week. With the way Richard Seymour is playing and with John Henderson banged up he might just earn more time at defensive tackle as well as defensive end.

Stefen Wisniewski

Towards the end of the game the Raiders sat the Wiz kid down. I guess the coaching staff realized that he was the only solid offensive lineman and gave him a rest. He was very good pass blocking and did a solid job run blocking for Bush. He was particularly good at getting to the linebacker. Some may argue Wisniewski is better suited to play center, but until Stephon Heyer or Joseph Barksdale play well enough to slide Wisniewski over he’ll be at left guard.

Mike Mitchell

He makes this list because his primary assignment was Jermichael Finley and Finley didn’t catch a pass. He also made a nice interception.


Rolando McClain

Sure he had two sacks and a safety. On those plays Ryan Grant had some of the worst blocking you will ever see and both were basically in garbage time. McClain’s poor gap discipline and diagnosis of plays hasn’t improved and may actually be regressing. The Raiders defense looked confused and out of sync. So much for the thought that McClain was better strictly because the defense would be on the same page.

Carson Palmer

Throw off back foot, interception. Throw into 5 on 1 coverage, interception. Lock onto receiver on short slant, interception. Palmer had about every issue a QB can have on Sunday. The trade is looking bad…really bad. When is Jason Campbell going to be back? Palmer takes more risks and that can work when the team has playmakers on offense. With the pedestrian group of offensive players healthy it’s extremely dangerous in a bad way. Palmer must play smarter and get to his second and third reads. His mechanics have also been sloppy and he doesn’t have enough arm strength to throw off his back foot.

Richard Seymour

If he isn’t healthy he shouldn’t be on the field. He was totally incapable of pushing anyone around for the past couple weeks. The pass rush has been steady from the outside, but the push the Raiders normally get up the middle has evaporated at the same rate as Seymour’s play. He sure doesn’t look like he is worth the contract he was given. Everyone wants to pinpoint Routt as a the man being most overpaid on the Raiders defense, but a case can certainly be made for Seymour.

Khalif Barnes

He struggles pass blocking and his skills in that area contributed to at least two of Palmer’s interceptions on Sunday. He’s the weakest link on the offensive line and the Raiders have to decide if they couldn’t get equal play out of Joseph Barksdale, Stephon Heyer or Bruce Campbell. Based on his play he can almost be on the duds list every week and it is time the Raiders moved him back into an extra blocker role.

Marion Barber

His dud status on Sunday reached Bill Buckner level when he handed the game to the Broncos and put the Raiders a game down in the division with only three to play.

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