Studs and Duds From Week 9

Since I’ve already blasted Hue Jackson and Chuck Bresnahan, we’ll keep this to the players who didn’t perform on Sunday.


Lamarr Houston – One of the few Raider defenders who showed up on Sunday. He’s becoming a force on the defensive front. The Broncos couldn’t block him and instead ran away from him with great success.

Michael Bush – He isn’t McFadden, but he is still good. He grinds out positive yardage every time he gets the ball. He doesn’t quite have the burst to run away from the defense, but he is good at finding running lanes and agile enough to get through them. He should have had more carries on Sunday, maybe if he does the Raiders grind out a victory after being up by ten points.

Carson Palmer – Three interceptions, but good enough to be a stud. Keep in mind he still only has three weeks in the offense. He looked crisp enough and made a few laser throws. He was audibling at the line and commanding the offense. For a debut it wasn’t bad. Keep in mind that one interception was a tip (although a bad throw) and the other came in garbage time. A good debut for Palmer.

Jacoby Ford – I guess we found Palmer’s favorite receiver. He needs to focus more on ball security as he nearly lost a fumble. Burning Champ Bailey is still an accomplishment and Ford did it more than once.



It’s tempting to just put defense here, but let’s take a look at a few of the worst offenders.

Jarvis Moss & Kamerion Wimbley - Tebow ate you for breakfast with the play fake. Sure, he faked the whole defense, but it was your job to have contain. Those big runs on a read option shouldn’t happen.

Darryl Blackstock & Aaron Curry – Raiders got burned by Willis McGahee. That’s what happens when the primary two linebackers fill the wrong gaps in the running game. McClain takes a lot of heat (me included), but the Raiders missed him on Sunday.

Michael Huff – I can’t say with certainty it was Michael Huff’s blown zone coverage that lead to a couple touchdowns, but it sure looked it. He is nursing an injury, but that shouldn’t be an excuse for totally missing a zone assignment. Tebow burned this secondary and being the second highest paid player in it you are going to get your fair share of the heat.

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  • @RyClev assuming 100% health I would agree....but I never assume that.
    about 40 mins ago
  • It better be or they are doomed in 2014. RT @RyClev: @ChrisHansenNFL You think the Raiders D is on par with the Broncos minus Ware?
    about 43 mins ago
  • Not w/o Ware. Shouldn't we hold him to higher standard? MT @RyClev: Peyton going against a better defense. Plus he didn't suck last year.
    about 49 mins ago
  • Unfair to Schaub to knock him for one bad day. Has as many interceptions in last 2 days as Peyton. Woodson x2 and Webster x2.
    about 1 hour ago
  • I told you guys I have been impressed with Thorpe and Chekwa...Allen mentioned them today unprompted.
    about 1 hour ago