Raiders Exploring Quarterback Options

Jason Campbell is out for an extended period of time. At the earliest Campbell would be back in six weeks, but that’s massively optimistic and it is still likely that it’s a season ending injury. Kyle Boller now becomes the starter and Terrelle Pryor will be the primary backup, but the Raiders are exploring other available quarterbacks.

The Raiders have already reached out to David Garrard and Josh McCown suggesting they will explore all options. It’s tough to imagine that they wouldn’t also reach out to Trent Edwards. The Raiders are reportedly going hard after Carson Palmer as well.

Josh McCown would become competition for Boller and would have a chance to become the starter if Boller falls on his face. Trent Edwards would be the same type of player, coming in to backup Boller and push him for the job, but far from certain he would start over Boller.

The biggest question the Raiders have to ask themselves is if they can still make the playoffs with Kyle Boller. If the answer is no, they really have no choice but to go out and get one they think can. All provided one is out there.

Carson Palmer is the best option available for the Raiders, but Bengals owner Mike Brown seems content to let Carson Palmer rot. The Bengals are treating Palmer like he did something horrible to the team yet asking for a high pick in return. If the Raiders could acquire Palmer he could keep the seat warm while Pryor gets up to speed. Palmer is an intermediate to long-term option. Palmer’s best seasons came in an Air Coryell inspired offense in Cincinnati with Hue Jackson as the receivers coach. This is the same system used by the Raiders and offensive coordinator Al Saunders. The Raiders will not likely relinquish a first-round pick for Palmer, but a 2013 second-round pick that could turn into a first-round pick if Palmer and the Raiders hit certain marks is possible. Palmer’s contract would have to be reworked also all before the deadline at 1 pm on Tuesday.

According to Jay Glazer, David Garrard has a herniated disk that requires surgery. I suggested on Twitter that the Raiders would have very little interest in David Garrard. That was my initial instinct on Garrard, but after examining the other options and the costs associated with them Garrard was looking more and more appealing. Now he isn’t an option for anyone.

Brett Favre. I can’t believed I typed that. I’ll let you decide how ridiculous it is. Hint: It’s VERY ridiculous. Please leave this alone.

Aside from the aforementioned three, there are a few lesser options the Raiders will likely explore and Raider Nation is going to be thrilled with this one: Josh McCown has been contacted. McCown isn’t an answer as a step-in starter, but he could come in and push Kyle Boller and would be given a chance to start if Boller were to play poorly. He’s just a backup option because the Raiders aren’t ready to trust Pryor.

Trent Edwards could be brought back and he knows the offense. He’s another one of the options that can be brought in to be a body and push Boller, but he isn’t a starter nor would the Raiders want him to be a starter. He’s the safe choice and maybe the only choice. If Campbell can return sooner rather than later the Raiders wouldn’t have to

Terrelle Pryor was brought in and is exclusively a quarterback, but he just started practicing and it doesn’t sound like the Raiders are ready to trust him. Handing the reigns of a playoff caliber team over to a raw rookie could be a recipe for disaster. The Raiders can’t afford for Pryor to fail either. If the coaching staff doesn’t think he is ready it is probably best to let him wait, but without Campbell it is possible Pryor is given a certain set of plays to run in the game as a more dynamic option to Boller’s pocket passing.

The Raiders will most likely bring back Trent Edwards to be the primary backup for Boller. Boller will get his shot, at least until Campbell is healthy in as short as six weeks. With games against Kansas City, Denver, San Diego, Minnesota and Chicago over the next six weeks the Raiders will have an opportunity to stay in the hunt, but it gets dicey if Campbell misses more than six weeks.

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