No Time To Panic

Sunday proved that the Raiders offense is good even with their starting receivers out. Jacoby Ford, Darrius Heyward-Bey, Louis Murphy, and Kevin Boss were all out. Surely they would struggle.  Jason Campbell showed that he may be  the Raiders quarterback for years to come. He made big throw after big throw. Rookie Denarius Moore had is coming out party in this game and could be the number one receiver the Raiders have needed for years. Once Ford and Boss are healthy, this offense will be explosive.

Nick Miller has proven nothing in the kick and punt return game. He should never return kicks again. Chris Johnson also proved that he can’t play man-to-man. He is no better than last year and gets worse every game. I would rather re-sign Lito Sheppard than continue to watch Johnson look like Demarcus Van Dyke did against the Saints. The defense looked great in the first half and looked they gave up the second half. They couldn’t stop the run or the pass. No pressure on the quarterback at all. The “bully” only showed up on offense. The Bills  offensive line bullied the Raiders front seven from the second half kick off till the final embarrassing drive.

What can Raiders fans take from this bad lost?

1. Denarius Moore is a legit receiver.

2. More zone and less man to stop the run.

3. Chris Johnson needs to play the slot and not the edge.

4. Darren Mcfadden is the best player in the west.

5. The offensive line is becoming a dominant force.

6.  Jason Campbell is for now our best option at quarterback for the next two to three years.

7. The defense needs to get into better shape; they appeared to be worn down late in the third quarter.

8. The path to playoffs just got harder, but not impossible.

9. The Raiders need to step up at home against the Jets and be 2-1 going into the Patriots game the following week.

10. If the Raiders can have 2-2 or 3-1 record after week four they will still have a great shot of making the playoffs. To do this though, the Raiders will have to end the bad streak of losing outside the AFC West. Can they do this? Only if the “Bully” shows up on defense for sixty minutes. If they don’t, it could be panic time after week four.

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