Cap Relief: Routt, Seymour Restructure

Adam Caplan reports, Stanford Routt has restructed his deal with the Raiders for much needed cap relief.

Richard Seymour also restructured and he could save the Raiders as much as $11 million against the cap.

The Raiders knew all along how they were going to get under the cap or they would have been cutting players left and right.

The question now is if the Raiders can create enough room to sign Kevin Boss. Darren McFadden is missing from practice and could be restructuring as well.

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Posted in 2011 Free Agency, Training Camp 2011
  • Vericgordon

    Dmac was nicked yesterdy also on blitz p/u

  • Ronniegips

    more bad deals than my cowboys


    Good job players… are true Raiders and Seymour you truly are an upstanding leader!!!!

  • Dan DeMaio

    Nice to see that the LEADERSHIP starts on def. I luv u guyzz!!!!!! ROCK ON RAIDERS


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