Labor Fight Over: What’s Next For The Raiders?

The NFL and NFLPA agreed to a labor deal today, meaning there will be football in 2011 and no regular or preseason games will be missed.

Training camp will begin Wednesday. Camp and free agency will be simultaneous and abbreviated.

Zach Miller will be the Raiders top priority in free agency. With the Raiders sitting roughly $5 million over the proposed new salary cap this could be harder than previously believed.

Based on the new rules, teams would be able to use a one-time veteran exemption up to $3 million and can also borrower $3 million against the 2012 salary cap. The details aren’t fully known on how this all works yet.

Any cap savings that can be saved by releasing players would likely happen on the first day of the new league year to clear room for Miller and hopefully a veteran offensive guard. That could be as early as this afternoon.

The Raiders manage the cap in such a way that they never have a problem landing a big free agent. However, the Raiders often find themselves unable to sign quality depth if they do not take quick action to reduce their cap number.

Where can the Raiders save cap space?

Release Cooper Carlisle: Cap Savings $2.5 million

Re-sign Kamerion Wimbley to long-term extention; Estimated cap savings: $3 million

Restructure Chris Johnson: Estimated cap savings $1.5 million

Restructure Tommy Kelly: Estimated cap savings $2 million

The Raiders will have to strike quickly in order to bring back Miller and could find it difficult to afford any other starting caliber players in free agency. Nnamdi Asomugha is not coming back, the new labor terms make it virtually impossble for the Raiders to clear enough cap space to give him the mega deal he wants.

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  • Anonymous

    14 million over the salary cap, numerous top 10 first round picks,no playoff performace in a decade,multiple head coach changing,The raiders organization will pay the money to the players,We just need to get the true talented players,instead of the (Great Hype) So So productive,none performance,turf toe,none playing,video game playing,none accountable,guarantee pay check cashing, Wallete Buster,No child support paying,Team depth chart, draining,Team chemistry breaker,Mr MUTINY PLAYER, NFL DEAD BET Athlete and by the way always injured.If you doing your job,need no worry.So NFL BUYERS BEWARE…The True Ballers know who they are. Hue Jackson, I know you wont tolerate that in your plan to resurrect the Raider Nation Team out from the Abyss.When you make it happen,Your new name will be BLACK MOSES…GOOD LUCK COACH. GO RAIDERS BABY…………..

  • Lafranob

    The problem starts at the top!! Seems Al is trying his best to destroy the whole deal. A new coach every other year. The biggest flop first round pick in sports history. Step back old man and let someone inteligent run this great org. Please!! Look at all the great young QB we have past up in the last 10 years. This idiot we have now oh my god after the fifth time he threw the ball down and set on his pussy ass i would have sent him out on his ass!! But no all makes him a starter! WE CAN ONLY TAKE SO MUCH!!!?????????