Raiders Need a Quarterback

Jason Campbell will be the starter going into the 2011 season. Given his inconsistency in 2010, the Raiders must hedge its bet and bring in a quarterback of the future.

The backup quarterback is Kyle Boller and is no threat to be anything more than a backup.

What available players might fit what the Raiders need?


Terrelle Pryor

The Ohio State product will enter the supplemental draft. He’d be an interesting project quarterback for Hue Jackson to mold. The Raiders are a favorite to land Pryor and they are, like many teams, exploring Pryor’s on and off-the-field resume. He’d slide in as the third quarterback and would be groomed to take over at a future date two or three years down the line.

Given the Raiders track record of developing quarterbacks and Pryor’s lack of NFL caliber traits as a quarterback, it’s probably best to stay away from Pryor despite his size.


Vince Young

It wasn’t long ago the Raiders scouts were drooling all over Vince Young during the pre-draft process. It isn’t likely the Raiders opinion has shifted drastically since, but what Hue Jackson and Al Saunders believe could very well determine if Young could wear the black jersey in 2011 and be groomed to take over in 2012.

He’s old to be a developmental QB and signing him would put pressure on Jason Campbell to perform. He probably wants more money than the Raiders can offer and shot at starting, but you never know what Al Davis will do to bring in a player he likes.

Tennessee should release Young once the new league year begins, making him one of several free agents quarterbacks.


Adam Froman

He is an undrafted player out of Louisville who is athletic for a quarterback, but struggled with injuries during his college career. He’s got some unique tools that need much refinement, but would be a good third quarterback that can also mimic athletic quarterbacks for the scout team.

He’s got potential as a player to develop and is the type of player the Raiders should be looking for to be the third quarterback.


There are not many quarterbacks available that fit what the Raiders are looking for when it comes to age and scheme.

The Raiders will probably do the inevitable and make Charlie Frye the third quarterback and put off the search for a developmental quarterback that can eventually take over as the face of the franchise.

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  • Me

    surprised you didn’t mention Matt Leinart…

    • He’s not a Raiders quarterback and he really isn’t even on the Raiders radar as far as I know.

  • Chris

    Prior = character issues
    Young = head case
    Froman = damaged goods

    Campbell needs protection then we’ll see what happens

    • I hear you, but you might take character, head and injury guys as backups to see what they might become.

  • I have no idea why Leinart has not succeeded. I watched him at USC & he was very, very good at what he did, which was find ways to win football games. Once & done? I cannot see any downside to bringing him in for a look.
    However, I firmly believe Jason Campbell with the improved O line & 2nd year with Hue & now Saunders will shine.

    • No great options. Jason needs to be more consistent, he is what he is otherwise. Leinart has issues making the tough throws and he throws a bad deep ball. He needs a WCO to thrive.

  • Foxraider

    I don’t understand why everybody is so down on vince young, That’s all he ever did was be a winner every where he’s been, I wouldnt mind seeing him in silver & black at all. what do you guy’s think ?????

  • Foxraider

    I agree with josephr, Campbell will have a very improved year, The knock on Jason is he only play’s well when our running game is working and struggles when the pressure is on him, and he does have a tough time, hopefully with a revamped O-line alittle more protection he will have a decent year.

  • Bbqpairadise

    the thing that sucks, is that if if JC goes to another team that has historical success at developing great QBs then Jason becomes a superstar QB. What doesn’t suck is now that Hue Jackson is driving this team JC has a shot at becoming a superstar. I’m willing to give this one more season before I start complaining about the QB situation in Oakland. I’m excited to see what Jackson is going to do here