Who is Bob Wylie?

Who is Bob Wylie and is he qualified to turn around one of the most important positions on the roster?

After examining Bob Wylie’s resume, the man can clearly coach. He had previous stops in Tampa Bay, Chicago and Arizona and worked under Sam Wyche, Dick Jauron and Dennis Green.

Below is Bob Wylie’s resume, complete with offensive line statistics for each year.

2010 Offensive Line Coach Denver Broncos
2009 Offensive Line Coach Saskatchewan Roughriders 
2007 Offensive Line Coach Winnipeg Blue Bombers 
2005-06 Offensive Line Coach Syracuse 
2004 Offensive Line Coach Arizona Cardinals 
1999-2003 Offensive Line Coach Chicago Bears 

1997-98 Tight Ends Coach Cincinnati Bengals 
1996 Offensive Line Coach University of Cincinnati 
1992-95 Offensive Line Coach Tampa Bay Buccaneers 
1990-91 Tight Ends Coach New York Jets 
1988-89 Offensive Line Coach Colorado State 
1985-87 Offensive Coordinator Ohio University 
1983-84 Offensive Line Coach Holy Cross 
1980-82 Offensive Line Coach Brown University 

92 Bucs: Allowed 48 sacks (18), 3.9 ypc (16)
93 Bucs: Allowed 39 sacks (14), 3.2 ypc (28)
94 Bucs: Allowed 30 sacks (13), 3.5 ypc (20)
95 Bucs: Allowed 56 sacks (29), 4.0 ypc (11)
99 Bears: Allowed 38 sacks (15), 3.5 ypc (22)
00 Bears: Allowed 34 sacks (10), 4.2 ypc (12)
01 Bears: Allowed 17 sacks (1), 3.7 ypc (25)
02 Bears: Allowed 44  sacks (25), 3.5 ypc (30)
03 Bears: Allowed  43 sacks (24), 4.0 ypc (16)
04 Cards: Allowed  39 sacks (20), 3.5 ypc (30)
10 Broncos: Allowed 40  sacks (23), 3.9 ypc (23)

Wylie has spent many years in the NFL, but his offensive lines have rarely produced the type of top production from the offensive trenches that lead to playoff victories.

Just twice did his pass protectors rank in the top 10 in sacks allowed. His run blockers never ranked in the top 10. His offensive lines averaged 39 sacks allowed per season.

This doesn’t mean Wylie is a bad coach. To last as long as he has means he knows what he is doing.

The lack of prior success is just a red flag. One could easily point the finger at Bob Wylie if the offensive line fails to improve and remains a liability to the rest of the team.

Perhaps Wylie’s experience is just what the Raiders need, but it’s hard to imagine he will be able to do better than Tom Cable, the understudy of Alex Gibbs, who couldn’t keep the Raiders offensive line on track when it came to pass protection. 

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