Louis Murphy Arrested

Raiders wide receiver Louis Murphy was arrested in Florida and charged with drug possession without a prescription, disobeying a police officer and resisting arrest without violence.

The drug Murphy allegedly was in possession of was Viagra. The bottle had no label and Murphy could not provide the prescription for it to the police.

This marks the third arrest for the Raiders this offseason, following the DUI arrest of Michael Bush and Mario Henderson’s arrest for carrying a concealed firearm.

All the charges against Murphy are misdemeanors and likely carry nothing more than a hefty fine. Viagra seems like an odd thing for the 23-year-old Murphy to use. Why he would resist arrest for a simple traffic citation?

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  • @AyJaySea @BleacherReport He can play right away. Don't have to develop guys on the bench,
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  • I do wonder if Danielle Hunter's get off can be improve by standing him up.
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  • @BrendanLeister @BeauxJaxson Yeah, mostly that. I'm not overly concerned.
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  • @BrendanLeister @BeauxJaxson I also Preston Smith, although his effort lags at times.
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