Exclusive Tender Fuels Anti-Davis Sentiment

Kamerion Wimbley was designated the Raiders franchise player. In typical Al Davis form, the tag was of the exclusive variety.

This means Wimbley will be paid the average of the top five paid linebackers this season, instead of the average of the same group last season. That figure is estimated to be $11.2 million.

The usage of the exclusive tag is a move that helps build a case against Al Davis. Why does he use the exclusive tender when the guaranteed salary and large compensation basically prohibits any team from offering Wimbley a contract?

Wimbley isn't Peyton Manning, no one is going to offer two first-round draft picks for him when they could have had him a year ago for a third-round selection.

There isn't a valid reason to spend the extra cash.

The best anyone might be able to come up with is that a new CBA could lower compensation for signing another team's franchise player, but the chance of the CBA changing the franchise structure is extremely remote.

It just doesn't make much sense from a business perspective or a football perspective to make the tag exclusive. Fans that believe Al Davis has lost touch can point to this as an example or how he is no longer fit to run a professional sports franchise.

Wimbley is a good player who deserves to be locked up long-term. The franchise tender made sense given the Raiders do not want to lose Wimbley in free agency, but the usage of the exclusive franchise tender just doesn't make any sense.

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  • jay

    I have no idea who you are. But let me ask the question- how many multiple Super Bowl winning teams have you built? Maybe take a long hard look at the draft of last season and the free agent signings Al Davis made, or go further and look at the improvement of the offense & defense even with the stone around the neck of Tom Cable. Or how about going undefeated in division play with said handicap? Or how about Hue Jackson & Al Saunders stepping up?

    Or how about you just being another dumb ass.

  • dinor8er

    jay, I am in total agreement with you!! I am a die hard Raider fan and to me Al Davis should get even more credit than he will ever get. Mr. Davis has always been the outsider and I like it that way!!

  • Michael

    NOT PAYING 1$ till they play..


    They stated that the talking about long term will still continue, but the CBA deal is slowing there talks down…

    There should be no hate till we even know were having a season..


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