DC Announcement is Missed Opportunity

Chuck Bresnahan isn't going to make the Raider Nation do back flips. With every passing day it seems as though Bresnahan will be named to lead the defense. When that announcement is made is a mystery.

Winston Moss, Darren Perry, almost anyone would have invigorated a weary fan base. Bresnahan, unfortunately, isn't that guy. It will be tough for him to be that guy, no matter how the Raiders had announced his hire.

Still, the Raiders are doing Bresnahan no favors in stringing out the announcement. With every passing hour it seems as though Bresnahan is the default choice.

Moss and Perry spurned the Raiders, or simply wouldn't roll over for Al Davis' stringent demands on scheme and player usage.

After a decent season, the fans are still looking for the Raiders to rise. Every possible positive story should be promoted like crazy by the Raiders public relations and marketing departments.

There was an opportunity for the Raiders to sell Bresnahan. He was the man who led the Raiders defense the last time they went to the Super Bowl. Put Bresnahan on CSN, have him use all the typical coachisms.

The Raiders could have Rod Woodson and Hue Jackson talk up Bresnahan. Pull up every favorable stat and make sure the fans know about them.

Feed Bresnahan a few good quotes for his appearances.

"We want to become a bully."
"We want to be an attacking defense"
"Creating turnovers is our number one focus."
"We are going to pressure the Quarterback, no matter what it takes."

They will do it, but coming late it will come across even worse than it already does. It isn't something the Raiders aren't especially good at doing in the first place.

Raiders operate in a mysterious manner, but they also often telegraph their own feelings about a particular hire or move.

The Richard Seymour contract came early. Do you think Al Davis wanted to get that deal done?
The Raiders waited a long time to hire a coach, and ended up hiring Art Shell for a second time. The following year the Raiders hastily hired Lane Kiffin. Two years later the Raiders waited a long time to name Tom Cable. Two years later the Raiders more quickly announced Hue Jackson.

Do you see a pattern?

The more time we wait after the Super Bowl, the greater chance there will be a letdown.

The Raiders missed a huge opportunity to instill confidence in Bresnahan. Now, every defensive mistake the fans will be blame on Bresnahan.

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