Black Monday With Silver Lining

Tom Cable made his case to remain the head coach of the Oakland Raiders by drubbing the Chiefs in Kansas City.

For whatever reason, the Raiders came to play against division foes, but struggled against good competition outside of the division.

With just two wins against the lowly NFC West’s top two seeds and 6-0 against the AFC West, Tom Cable made history for the wrong reasons.

As has been circulated, Al Davis has until January 18 to decide on whether to pick up Cable’s one-year extension.

That fact will not confine Davis. If he wants or needs more time, he will not hesitate to wait and ultimately sign Cable to a new contract should he decide to keep him around. In this case, expect Davis to deny he ever doubted Cable and that he even considered anyone else.

There are problems the Raiders will face beginning today. Offensive Coordinator Hue Jackson will receive more than a few interviews for open head-coaching positions is among them.

Jim Harbaugh is hotly coveted by many teams, but Davis has been coveting him the longest. It remains very unlikely Davis will make the concessions he would have to make to get Harbaugh. Harbaugh would also have to be willing to put his relationship with Davis in jeopardy.

The 49ers are in hot pursuit of Harbaugh and it is likely a good situation for him. Elway would also like to lure Harbaugh to Denver, something that could make Al Davis jump into the fray.

It has been reported that front office stability is a vital part of Harbaugh’s decision making, and no one is more stable than the owner, right?

It may come down to Tom Cable versus the possibility of losing Hue Jackson.

The question is if the offensive turnaround was because of Hue Jackson or because the team didn’t have the handicap of JaMarcus Russell at quarterback and the team had Darren McFadden healthy.

If Davis believes in the former, he will bend over backwards to keep Jackson while sacrificing Cable. If he believes the latter, he will keep Cable and hope that Jackson doesn’t receive a head-coaching opportunity.

Al Davis will be called crazy if he lets Tom Cable go, but reality is he may be forced to make a choice between Jackson and Cable.

For those calling Davis crazy I ask this: Would you rather have Tom Cable or Hue Jackson as your head coach?

Not such an easy question to answer, is it?

Don’t expect any news today, Al Davis will likely wait, especially considering the labor limbo.

There is more to come including a podcast on the Cable situation.

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