Happy Thanksgiving!

The dedicated fans that comprise the Raider Nation make covering the Raiders fun. Thank you!

I’m thankful that you keep coming back and reading. I look forward to the blog’s continued growth.

Enjoy this time with your family and friends. Have a happy and safe Thanksgiving.

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  • ionnes

    RIP Patrick Patterson :(


  • @SullyFootball Good work.
    about 4 hours ago
  • @RFlessing That's the hope.
    about 4 hours ago
  • Well, it couldn't have been any less lively than last year, but good to hear. https://t.co/COY24AgpZd
    about 4 hours ago
  • Looks like Crabtree having a nice first day of camp while Streater is on NFI. Receivers in Oakland vastly upgraded this offseason.
    about 4 hours ago
  • @FtblSickness Probably. Making plays obviously necessary, but I think some level of leadership groundwork is required even if faux to start.
    about 4 hours ago