Cable Leaning Campbell

Two blowout victories weren't enough to dislodge Bruce Gradkowski's status as the Raiders starting quarterback. Two blowout victories and a overtime victory may have been enough.

Tom Cable said he is leaning toward riding the hot-hand. Presumably the hot-hand is Jason Campbell, who has lead the Raiders to three straight wins.

After six bad quarters, the Raiders benched Jason Campbell and named Bruce Gradkowski the quarterback.

Gradkowski started three games and was injured, again, early in the game. He played the entire game in two losses and partial games in two victories, including closing out the game against the Rams.

His quarterback rating is 71.8 on the season with a record of 1-2 in game he finished.

Campbell was benched the first time after completing 57.7% of his passes, but was sacked eight times.

Not much has changed overall, besides the fact the Raiders are winning. Campbell has completed 56.7% of his passes and has been sacked about three times per game, but his record as the QB is 4-2 with a Quarterback rating of 81.3.

Campbell was benched after uneven performances during the first two games. Fans were calling for Kyle Boller after his stinker in San Francisco. He had a terrible first half against Kansas City.

Will Campbell be given the opportunity to turn it around as he did after the San Francisco game and as he did after a poor first half against Kansas City or will the Raiders turn to Gradkowski again?

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