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Beyond The Numbers: The Battle of the Bay

The Raiders are notoriously the bay area’s most dysfunctional team. The 49ers are breaking that stereotype. Mike Singletary’s motivational speeches aren’t motivating his players any longer. There is talk that Singletary was set up for failure, because he wasn’t really

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By The Numbers: The Battle of The Bay

Defense: YPG Allowed49ers: 339.0 (17)Raiders: 345.8 (23) YPP Allowed49ers: 5.4 (18)Raiders: 5.8 (29) Total Points Allowed49ers: 130 (27)Raiders 134 (28) Sacks49ers: 10 (13)Raiders: 10 (13) Turnovers49ers: 4 INT, 1 FumbleRaiders: 2 INT, 6 Fumbles, 2 Blocks, 1 TD, 1 Safety

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MMML: Raiders Shock The Bolts

MMML: Monday Morning Middle Linebacker Were the embellished words of Marty Schottenheimer pinned to the bulletin board motivating? The Raiders did exactly as the famous Raider-killing coach said they couldn’t; they finished. They finished off plays, they finished off the

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Desperation: Chargers @ Raiders Preview

The Raiders are 1-3 and face a division foe they haven’t beaten in 13 straight games. The Chargers reign as AFC West favorites may now be over despite preseason predictions. With the Chargers and Broncos at 2-2 and the Chiefs

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Studs and Duds From Week 4

The dog ate my homework. Yes, even the grown adult can have his homework eaten and shredded apart like confetti. I figured I'd finish watching the game for a second time and write my weekly game review on Wednesday night.

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Monday Morning Middle Linebacker (MMML)

Are these losses getting any easier to swallow? The Raiders are 1-3 and well on their way to an eighth consecutive losing season. Different players, different coaches, same result. At some point the finger pointing will begin, if it hasn’t

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Rebound: Texans @ Raiders Preview

The Raiders wasted an opportunity an opportunity to get to 2-1 last week, while the Houston Texans fell to 2-1 after a loss to the Dallas Cowboys. Both teams will try to rebound in week four and put tough losses behind them

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Cable Offers Protection Plan

Tom Cable was the offensive line coach for a bad Raiders team not too long ago. Cable lead a resurgent group of offensive lineman in 2007 behind three different quarterbacks and came out smelling like roses in the media. Robert

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  • Face off losses adding up.
    about 9 mins ago
  • Crazy game.
    about 17 mins ago
  • The only bad thing about playoff hockey (OT and 2OT especially) is you don't have breaks to tweet. Adrenaline overdrive.
    about 36 mins ago
  • Should game be over? Yes, but the tuck rule taught me that you can't let a bad call finish you off.
    about 38 mins ago
  • Good thing this #Sharks game is on. Distraction for #SFGiants getting smoked.
    about 44 mins ago