Studs and Duds From Week 6

The Raiders scored nine points on offense and gave up 196 yards passing to Alex Smith and 149 yards rushing to Frank Gore. Michael Crabtree and Vernon Davis caught touchdown passes.

I’d call that a complete failure to execute any goals.

I’m sure every single game plan against the 49ers consists of scoring a couple touchdowns, forcing Alex Smith to make a mistake and stopping Gore, Davis and Crabtree.

The Raiders only managed to get two sacks of Smith and there was never enough pressure to force a turnover. Despite Smith’s terrible days early, he easily carved up the Raiders defense.


Matt Shaughnessy

Why did Trevor Scott start in front of him at defensive end again? He either never regressed or he’s turned it back around. He applied the most consistent pressure on Alex Smith, working against their best offensive lineman, Joe Staley. He also forced Staley to commit a couple of penalties. He also did a good job stopping the run.

Former Raiders defensive end Jay Richardson called him “ShaughNASTY.” That might be the best nickname I’ve heard for a Raider in years.

Nnamdi Asomugha & Richard Seymour

They aren’t the problem with this defense. Both played well.

Shane Lechler

Sad day when your only offense is the kicker and your punter is getting plenty of room to punt the ball. Lechler had a 53.5 average and a 47.3 net. He’s ridiculous. He’s good. He’s a stud.


Jason Campbell

Finished the game with a 10.7 passer rating. Went 8/21 for 83 yards and two interceptions and a fumble that was not lost. Not much more needs to be said. He got the best protection you can ask out of this offensive line and couldn’t produce. Were the receivers not getting open? Why can’t he rally the troops like Bruce Gradkowski can when things are going poorly? Pathetic display.

Kyle Boller may start this week for Campbell, who hurt his knee. I don’t know why Campbell continues to struggle so much, but Boller couldn’t be worse. Even JaMarcus wasn’t worse and that’s saying something.

Chris Johnson

Zone coverage or man coverage? He stinks at both. He completely missed his zone coverage assignment on Crabtree’s TD catch as the Raiders were about to gain some momentum from the self-destructing 49ers offense. Johnson’s head isn’t in the game. The only thing he should be covering is the bench. It shouldn’t be hard as the bench doesn’t move, but knowing your assignment in zone coverage isn’t much harder and he managed to not know it.

Jeremy Ware makes some rookie mistakes, but at least he doesn’t completely blow an assignment every week. Johnson also is making his teammates look bad, as Tyvon Branch hustles over to help people think he somehow made a mistake.

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  • Randy

    I agree with this. I also find myself questioning our "Commitment to excellence!" Is it a slogan or is it something they feel in their hearts. since game 2, they have us believing things are turning around, yet still seem to struggle with closing out the game and choking in the red zone! You have to come with more fire and intensity than that. I bleed silver and black, but refuse to buy another ticket or jersey until I see us hit .500. How can you expect that your fans are going to buy tickets and jerseys when the Raiders don't show up ready to play? Not televising the game is not going to bring us to see you!!!