Clearing Up Mike Mitchell vs Stevie Brown

Stevie Brown is indeed the Raiders final cut to get down to 53 players.

A small controversy may have been stirred up by a South Florida radio host named Andy Slater. According to his bio, he once worked as the tech who chopped up game film for the Raiders.

Salter claims the coaching staff didn’t want Mike Mitchell and insinuated it was due to an off-the-field problem. He goes on to say that only Al Davis could step in and save Mitchell. This apparently happened as Slater later claimed that Stevie Brown would be cut instead.

While he ended up being correct about Brown, there are more than a few people skeptical about his claims about Mike Mitchell. Mitchell performed well in limited action last season.

Releasing a seventh round draft selection isn’t usually a big deal and Brown being cut at the last minute could simply have been the Raiders trying to sneak Brown for the practice squad.

In NFL circles releasing the cut list at the very last possible moment is common. The thinking is that it makes it easier to sneak players on the practice squad as teams sift through a massive list.

This could be what the  Raiders attempted to do with Brown. This also explains the Raiders lack of PR in regards to announcing his release. He even talked to the media about making the team at practice this morning.

Slater also claims Groves will get the nod over Trevor Scott at outside linebacker. Presumably, Scott will move back to defensive end.

Only time will tell how accurate Slater is, but I’ve included his tweets (@AndySlater) over the past 24 hours in regards to the Raiders for you to decide for yourself.

@Truthspeaker22 – I live Stevie Brown. Maybe he’ll be back. Season doesn’t start till next Sunday!

I do not have any more info other than what I’ve already said. Time to enjoy the rest of the weekend! It’s Miami and almost 10:30p! #raiders

Hopefully with all of the new Raiders followers, we’ll be able to talk some more Oakland football on-air.. about the GAME not roster spots!

@allblacklouie they don’t believe he’s that good… and also other factors… trade is possible, but prob. unlikely from AD now.

@allblacklouie Brown has to clear waivers. Can’t say it enough how much everyone in org. wants Mitchell gone. AD final say.

#Raiders Starting LBs will be Wimbley, McClain, Groves

Brown gone. RT @allblacklouie Hey @AndySlater If we don’t keep 5 safeties, it will be Hiram Eugene who’s cut not Brown or Mitchell

Cutting Stevie Brown wasn’t a decision many in the organization are happy with. Seems like AD didn’t want the bad PR cutting Mitchell

The Raiders have officially cut Stevie Brown. He is the final cut. Mike Mitchell stays.

#Raiders Team is calling around checking for interest in Mike Mitchell before 6:00pm ET for a late rd. pick.

#Raiders Coaches are trying their best to have Stevie Brown make team and not Mitchell… We’ll find out what Al Davis decided shortly.

@Kenzel_D I hear ya… Coaches want Brown, not Mitchell. Let’s see if it sticks after practice.

#Raiders LB Travis Goethel has made the active roster. DT Desmond Bryant has made the active roster.

@HBsDamagedEgo Believe what you will.. Both Mitchell and Brown are on field at practice. One is going home.

Raiders Depsite reports, the Raiders are not keeping 5 safeties. As I stated prior, one will be cut after practice. Mitchell or Brown

#Raiders If the Mike Mitchell cut happens, Stevie Brown will make the team. If AD keeps Mitchell, Brown goes.

@GdaRAIDER408 then don’t pay attention. If you’ve been following me for two years on Raiders news, I let my track record speak for itself.

If Raiders release Mitchell, it’s obviously bad PR. 2nd rounder from ’09, very questionable in first place. What will Al do…..

Let me be clear, for those tweeting me on Mitchell/Raiders, coaches do NOT want him. Addition by subtraction. Still no announcement

If Al does overturn the decision to cut Mike Mitchell, it was SOLELY be b/c it doesn’t look good. Bad PR. Raiders coaches don’t want him.

Al Davis is going to have the final word on Mike Mitchell. Right now he is cut… Will Al overturn it? Find out shortly. #raiders

Oakland Raiders cuts should be coming shortly… Last minute decision making with a few players going on right now #nfl

@knightTEK From what I know, yes, Mitchell is gone. Doubt Al Davis will step in and change it in this case.

More Oakland Raiders news: They are looking into trading ’06 1st Rd Pick Michael Huff on Saturday

I’m being told that the Oakland Raiders will indeed cut their 2009 2nd round pick DB Mike Mitchell Saturday morning. #nfl

Hearing the Raiders may cut DB Mike Mitchell

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