Offensive Style Will Benefit Jason Campbell

The Washington Redskins parted ways with Jason Campbell after five seasons, trading him to the Oakland Raiders for a fourth-round pick in the 2012 NFL draft.

The Redskins along with new General Manager Bruce Allen and Head Coach Mike Shannahan decided Campbell wasn’t going to lead the team to the promised land and traded for veteran Donovan McNabb.

The Eagles traded McNabb within the division opting to go with young quarterback Kevin Kolb, who was drafted the same year as JaMarcus Russell.

Comparing Quarterbacks 2009 Stats (as starters)

Bruce Gradkowski – 4 starts
65 Comp
118 Att
55.1% Comp
844 yards
210 YPG (injured in 4th)
6 TD
2 Fumbles Lost (4 Total)
91.2 Rating

Donovan McNabb – 14 starts
267 Comp
443 Att
60.3% Comp
3553 Yards
254 YPG
22 TD
10 INT
3 Fumbles Lost (13 Total)
92.9 Rating

Jason Campbell – 16 starts
327 Comp
507 Att
64.5% Comp
3618 Yards
226 YPG
20 TD
15 INT
3 Fumbles Lost (13 total)
86.4 rating

Kevin Kolb – 2 starts
55 Comp
85 Att
64.7% Comp
718 yards
359 YPG
4 TD
0 Fumbles Lost (0 Total)
92.2 rating

There doesn’t seem to be significant differences from quarterback to quarterback. Obviously, the smaller sample the greater the risk.

So what made the difference between 11-5 and 5-11 teams?


21.1 PTS/G
321.1 YPG
38 Takeaways
23 Giveaways (Offense)
+15 Ratio

21 PTS/G
319.7 YPG
17 Takeaways
28 Giveaways (Offense)
-11 Ratio

23.7 YPG
361.9 YPG
20 Takeaways
33 Giveaways (Offense)
-13 Ratio

The largest statistical difference here is obvious. Turnovers.

Jason Campbell – 18 total giveaways in 16 games which is 1.125 per game
Donovan McNabb – 13 total giveaways in 14 games which is .929 per game
Bruce Gradkowski – Three total giveaways in four games which is .750 per game
Kevin Kolb – Three total giveaways in two games which is 1.5 per game.

The biggest statistical differences in turnover ratio had little to do with this group of quarterbacks. Rather it was the work of the rest of the offense and the defensive takeaways.

What changes with the shuffling of quarterbacks?

The Redskins will likely use the Bill Walsh version of the West Coach Offense. Dink and Dunk. This is basically the same offense used by Andy Reid in Philadelphia, Jon Gruden, etc.

Jason Campbell has been playing Jim Zorn’s version of this offense for the last two seasons.

However, Campbell was drafted by Joe Gibbs. Gibbs favors the Air Coryell type of offense, popularized by the late, great Don Coryell.

This is the same offensive type favored by Al Davis, John Madden, Tom Flores, Norv Turner and Cam Cameron. Cameron being the Offensive Coordinator in Baltimore, where Hue Jackson most recently coached quarterbacks.

This is why Jason Campbell is actually a better fit for the Raiders than he was the Redskins. The Raiders will rely on deeper passing and the run game.

In John Madden’s Hall of Fame induction speech, Madden mentioned Coryell, “with a great coach that someday will be in here, Don Coryell. He had a real influence on my coaching. Joe Gibbs was on that staff, too.”

There is often much confusion, because the Coryell offense is sometimes referred to as the West Coast Offense, but in today’s NFL a West Coast Offense more commonly describes Bill Walsh’s system.

Campbell’s first 20 games came under Joe Gibbs. Campbell completed 57.7% of his passes for 3997 yards (199 ypg), 11.1 ypc, 22 TD & 17 INT with a 7-12 record from 2006 to 2007.

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