Trimming the Roster to 80

The Raiders must trim the roster to 80 players once all the drafted rookies are signed.

This should happen as the days draw closer to training camp.

The roster sits at 84 players, meaning four players will need to be cut if the Raiders intend to bring all the drafted rookies to camp.

It is seemingly impossible to accurately predict the last five roster spots on the 53-man roster, so predicting who makes the camp roster of 80 is even harder.

Still, there are potential candidates to be cut and cases can be made for and against each player.

DT Chris Cooper
For: Veteran, journeyman, could be quality depth at defensive tackle
Against: The Raiders brought in John Henderson and re-signed William Joseph to go along with Tommy Kelly, Desmond Bryant. Lamarr Houston and Seymour should spend time at defensive tackle also.

DT Kellen Heard
For: Good size and upside if the Raiders play the 3-4.
Against: Henderson can anchor the 3-4 and Heard had off-the-field issues in college. Undrafted rookie is expendable.

DT Ryan Boschetti
For: Experience with the Raiders
Against: The team has already cut him, having brought him back for the offseason program prior to signing John Henderson.

WR Shaun Bodiford
For: You never know what young receiver will latch on in camp and Bodiford has some experience.
Against: He hasn’t been able to really catch on as a receiver in his career. There may be more youthful options.

WR Paul Hubbard
For: Young enough to develop. Usually give receivers a few years to see what clicks for them.
Against: Talent level isn’t elite, could be cut in favor or other similar options.

WR Damola Adeniji
For: Raw, young, might be a late bloomer or good player on bad team in college.
Against: Didn’t produce in college.

OL Elliot Vallejo
For: He worked his way up from the Cardinals practice squad. He has good size.
Against: Coming off an injury, a fractured kneecap.

OL Allen Smith
For: Has the talent to play in the NFL, was a top prospect out of high school. Attended Stanford, mother is a professor at Arizona State. Prior to injury in 2007 he was durable
Against: Injury history includes a torn patella tendon and fractured kneecap the last two years.

DE Alex Daniels
For: Young player that moved around a lot in college. Might develop given steady position
Against: Nature of going undrafted is the team brings a player in for a cup of coffee to see if they can develop.

OL Alex Parsons
For: Could actually make the 53-man roster. Agility that may fit the Raiders system
Against: Undrafted, Raiders may like other young lineman better.

OG Brandon Rodd
For: Experience on Raiders practice squad.
Against: Raiders cut ties with him and he was also released by the Buffalo Bills.

DE Greyson Gunheim
For: Obviously keeps showing the coaches something they like to keep him around this long.
Against: Has developed enough in three seasons to make an impact, might be time to move on.

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