Yahoo! Sports: Raiders File Grievance Against Russell

The Raiders have filed a grievance against JaMarcus Russell according to Jason Cole of Yahoo! Sports, who cited two unnamed sources.

The Raiders apparently seek to recover $9.55 million of advances on salary the team gave Russell for the 2010, 2011 and 2012 seasons.

Apparently Russell’s contract was changed at some point in the last three years as a basis for the grievance.

The NFL Players Association will represent Russell in the grievance.

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  • People forget that DHB had 64 catches in 13 games for 975 yards. His hands are highly suspect, but with correct usage can produce.
    about 9 mins ago
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  • You're bad at grammar.
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  • If a player has a problem with someone in the media, they shouldn't taking it to Twitter. Bad form. Talk to the PR guy.
    about 13 hours ago