Friday Fun Day! Known Celebrity Raiders Fans

Tom Hanks – Actor
Larry King – TV Host
Santana – Musician
James Garner – Actor
Ice Cube – Musician
Too Short – Musician
George Lopez – Actor/Comedian
James Hetfield (Metallica) – Musician
Axl Rose (Guns ‘N Roses) – Musician
Kerry King & Jeff Hanneman (Slayer) – Musician
Jessica Alba – Actress
Jorge Cantu – MLB
Jeff Gordon – NASCAR
Gabrielle Union – Actress
Tiger Woods – PGA
Natalie Coughlin – Olympic Swimmer
Mick Thomson (Slipknot) – Musician
Magic Johnson – NBA
C.C. Sabathia – MLB
Joe Morgan – MLB
Dontrelle Willis – MLB

Do you know more? Post them in the comments with a link or send them to me on twitter

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  • wtdavid

    Natalie Coughlin – Olympic Swimmer

  • Rayderwyll

    Tiger Woods.
    It's his second most favorite passion.
    Well…maybe third most favorite(wink).

  • Rayderwyll

    Magic Johnson NBA player
    C.C. Sabathia MLB player

  • Rayderwyll

    Joe Morgan MLB Hall of Famer
    Dontrelle Willis MLB player


  • @DashMan18 @IDPManor @ChrisWesseling Hard to know. Candidates could have turned it down.
    about 4 hours ago
  • @ryanscotthall @RyFo18 No bias and perhaps even an affinity for if all else is equal. UM also has that going for them.
    about 12 hours ago
  • @ezbeme81 @ebola2012 Who on Sirius?
    about 12 hours ago
  • @ryanscotthall @RyFo18 No, but I don't think the job would seem undesirable to him because "it's the Raiders" as it has for many in past.
    about 12 hours ago
  • @HBNadolny No.
    about 12 hours ago