Jason Campbell is a Raider

Jason Campbell is a Raider. The compensation isn’t yet known, but he will be a Raider and will immediately make the Raiders a playoff contender.

I’ll have more analysis later….

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  • @AsherMathews I like magazines with some shelf life. Why sports magazine don't appeal to me.
    about 1 min ago
  • @AsherMathews That was option. Opted for Klipinger's.
    about 4 mins ago
  • @sostrowsky I'm assuming someone would have grabbed Mack in that scenario.
    about 5 mins ago
  • Kelce needs a lot of work on his blocking. Might limit his opportunities. Shouldn't, but might.
    about 6 mins ago
  • I think the Jaguars were wise to grab Bortles. I'm not convinced the Browns or Raiders wouldn't have grabbed him.
    about 11 mins ago