Analysis of Tom Cable’s Press Conference

Below are exceprts of Tom Cable’s press conference that jumped out at me.

Q: How would you classify needs heading into this?

Coach Cable: We have some line of scrimmage issues on both sides of the ball. You know, I think those are some areas of concern. Making sure we have the right people at linebacker, make sure we have the right people in the secondary.

Analysis: Read outside the lines. The Raiders needs are DT & OT. MLB and CB second. Don’t be surprised if those positions are the top 4 drafted.


Q: All kinds of things can take place up until the draft actually starts, in the end what will be successful for you and your coaching staff, as a successful draft in the end?

Coach Cable: We have eight picks as of right now; if we can get eight guys that can make this football team, then that was a successful draft. As an organization, the most important thing to us is that we draft specifically where we feel a need for our football team. That’s a good thing, before it was just get the best player you thought available at that spot. Now we have some real issues that I think we need to address, not so widespread on our football team.


Analysis: Is it not interesting that Cable has come out and said that the Raiders drafted best player available in the past, but that this year they will draft for need? Is this truth or a lie? Didn’t seem like they drafted BPA last year.


Q: How big of need is it to find people that can shore up the run defense?

Coach Cable: Yes, I think the move getting Kamerion Wimbley here is a big help in that direction. Desmond Bryant’s development, Matt Shaughnessy’s development probably has us very excited about what we can be there. With the guys coming back that are veteran types, but it’s an area that we’ll address at some point in the draft.

Analysis: Truth or Lie? Cable says the Raiders will draft help. He mentions a linebacker that will help and a defensive end and defensive tackle that may develop. Could it be the Raiders are more comfortable with the run defense than the fans are? Scary.



According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, Thomas Howard signed his RFA tender yesterday, as expected.

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