Kryptonite at Quarterback: Jason Campbell The Answer?

Al Davis’ Raiders have successfully developed only one young quarterback in its history.
Daryle Lamonica had played in four seasons prior to joining the Raiders. He developed into “the Mad Bomber” in Oakland, but he wasn’t too bad of a backup prior to joining the Raiders.
Jim Plunkett developed later in his career and after sitting on the bench for several seasons. Rich Gannon was hardly a spring chicken and inherited a talented offense.
Todd Marinovich, JaMarcus Russell, Andrew Walter and Marc Wilson are good examples of the Raiders failure to develop a young quarterback.
Al Davis won three Super Bowls, but the one thing that has eluded him was the ability to develop a young quarterback. Sure he had one, Ken Stabler, but he was the exception, not the rule.
One thing Davis has been pretty good at doing is recognizing quarterbacks with the right skill set that might just need a change of scenery. The afformentioned Plunkett, Lamonica and Gannon.
He did the same thing with guys like Kerry Collins, Jeff George, Daunte Culpepper, Aaron Brooks and Josh McCown with less success. He is doing it with Bruce Gradkowski, and Charlie Frye. He brought in J.P Losman. While many of these guys will not develop and they may not wow anyone now or ever, Davis recognizes they might have something left to give.
There is value in being an NFL backup or a starter for a few seasons and changing teams. Davis realizes it, but his batting average is below the Mendoza line. Although, maybe it isn’t about batting average when it comes to veteran quarterbacks, maybe it is about quantity. Was Jon Gruden on to something? Maybe in a way, he was.
Now that Donovan McNabb is in Washington, what will become of Jason Campbell? This rumor isn’t new, but Jason Campbell will want to be traded.
Campbell’s career completion percentage is 61.2% and he has a 55 to 38, touchdown to interception ratio. He passed for 3,618 yards last season, 65 more yards than McNabb and ahead of Matt Ryan, Carson Palmer, and Joe Flacco.
Campbell had just two less touchdowns than McNabb, but with a putrid running game and a stable of unimpressive receivers, that is no surprise.
The Raiders would be foolish not to pursue Jason Campbell and be willing to give up to a third round pick for him.
I am not saying Campbell should come in and start, but he can provide stiff competition for Russell and Gradkowski and turn an otherwise intriguing quarterback competition into a very captivating one.
I’d support Campbell for a third round pick, preferring of course to get him for less. Would you? The new poll question.

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