Wimbley Trade: Does it Change Draft?

Wimbley was acquired for the 3rd round pick the Raiders received in the deal from New England for Derrick Burgess.

Recent Raiders trades would be the equivilant of Wimbley, Seymour, and a 2010 5th round pick for Derrick Burgess and a 2011 1st round pick.

There isn’t a lot that can be analyzed when it comes to Wimbley’s statitical performance because he will play a different position with the Raiders. Either SLB or Rush DE or both.

It is worth noting that Wimbley comes from a Rob Ryan coached defense to a linebacker group coached by Mike Hulchak, who coached Wimbley in his 11 sack rookie season.

We know that Wimbley can get to the QB even in a bad year. He was the focus of opposing teams offensive gameplans in Cleveland, something that will be much harder for teams to do in the AFC West with Seymour, Scott, Shaughnessey and company.

In pass rush heavy sets, you could see Wimbley and Shaughnessey at DE, with Kelly and Seymour at DT and Scott at SLB.

Wimbley’s biggest question mark will be how much he is asked to defend against the run and how successful he is doing so.

The Raiders front 7 might be one of the strongest against the pass, but perhaps now, more than ever, lacks run defenders.

This trade also makes for an interesting draft.

My top draft candidates in the first round by position were: DE, OT, DT, OLB in no particular order.

This trade doesn’t neccesarilly change things, but I have to think a DE or OLB becomes a bit less likely in the first round. Al Davis has been successful in recent years finding pass rushers in the later rounds such as Trevor Scott and Matt Shaughnessey.

Also, it isn’t common for teams to draft offensive lineman high that run the zone blocking system like the Raiders, but considering the weakness on the offensive line, I have a hard time removing it from the equation.

Wimbley is also another high character player, a theme that is taking shape more and more under Tom Cable.

Which high character players fit the Al Davis mold at one of those four possible draft positions?

Bruce Campbell would seem to be the perfect fit for the Raiders in the second round, but it is crazy to think the Raiders will reach for him if the equally athletic and better lineman Trent Williams is on the board in the first.

Rolando McClain would be logical, but he doesn’t seem like an Al Davis type of player. Dan Williams could be the space eater inside the Raiders desperately need or perhaps they prefer Jared Odrick and would consider reaching for him at 8.

Trent Williams would be the ideal fit for Cable’s zone blocking system. Bulaga, Okung (if he falls), and Anthony Davis could all figure in. Davis being the only one I would be disappionted with.

Sean Witherspoon is my prefered OLB, but I believe that position may now be too crowded for a top pick.

Could the Raiders shockingly select someone off the positional radar? Taylor Mays (with a crowded safety group), Dez Bryant (with the crowded WR group), a QB?

I can’t wait to find out.

The Raiders offseason program starts today. Players have already started showing up.

The question will be if Kirk Morrison, Thomas Howard show up with their RFA tender status and if we see a JaMarcus sighting.

If we do, is Russell looking porky or svelt?

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