Just Hit the Snooze Baby!

Lets see:

It is Saturday. So now that you have probably hit the snooze a few times, allow me to quickly catch you up on the Raiders quest to maybe, kinda, sorta, probably, maybe not make a head coaching change. It’s been a real snooze-fest in its own right.

The Raiders announced last night the hiring of Mike Waufle as the D-Line coach. Seems like a solid hire for a needed area.

The best nugget of the press-release was this gem,

He and Coach Cable spent six years together at the University of California where they enjoyed working together.

 So…as time goes on, it appears Cable is inching towards remaining as the Raiders head coach.

If Cable does stay on, don’t expect a formal announcement, the Raiders typically like to point the finger at the media for overreacting and “rumor-mongering.”

It could be that simply no high profile parties were interested in the job. Cable was and still is teetering ever so close to the edge of the head coaching carousel of horrors, but without a young buck, genius offensive mind, or glitzy name to bump him off, he may just hold on.

I firmly believe Al Davis would love to bring Jim Harbaugh in as Head Coach, but Jim may be reluctant to take the Raiders job, because on average there will be 12 head coaching vacancies next offseason along with a looming lockout. He will have more choice next season and a clearer picture of the labor talks.

With that said, it makes economic sense to keep Cable for the last year of his contract and make the decision next season.

Hue Jackson interviewing for the offensive coordinator position makes a lot of sense, in that Cable could and should be stripped of his play-calling duties so he can focus on being head coach and working with the offensive line, who was noticeably better when Cable took some of that responsibility on himself and away from Jim Michalczik.

Of course, you can never accurately predict what Al Davis is going to do, but he may have a crack at Jim Harbaugh again next season and Marc Trestman and Jim Fassel are only a phone call away.

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