JaMarcus Goes To Vegas

No one should be surprised that JaMarcus missed the final team meeting only to check in at the Palms Hotel in Las Vegas today. Going on a tip from a commenter, local columnist Cam Inman called the Palms and the front desk was able to confirm he was staying there.

A few months ago, going information I received from a friend of a friend, who just so happens to be a club promoter in the bay area, I reported JaMarcus was frequently seen at clubs for rap shows and that he drank heavily while there.

Like it or not JaMarcus has a ton of talent that he has flushed down the toilet. He isn’t a dumb guy, meaning he doesn’t have some type of handicap that prevents him from progressing. He just isn’t putting in the type of work required to be a decent NFL Quarterback.

For JaMarcus it just heart and desire. He doesn’t care about being a good quarterback or he doesn’t think he needs to. He got his money.

As far as this situation goes. JaMarcus was excused by the team on Monday from the final team meeting. Is it possible those personal reasons were handled yesterday and he flew to Las Vegas this morning for the start of a short vacation? Sure it is.

The problem is that of timing for JaMarcus. He is in no position to be in Vegas. He could be at home with a six-pack, tub of lard and a spoon and not get the same heat, even though both are equally detrimental to his quarterbacking skill.

If JaMarcus was making all the team meetings and he was going today to watch film and hit the cardio machine, don’t you think he might get a little more slack from Raider Nation? Of course.

When it comes down to it, JaMarcus just isn’t getting it and you have to wonder if this news might sink into Al Davis mind a bit. Consider the Raiders record when JaMarcus wasn’t the starter and give Cable a little more time to turn thing around.

It wouldn’t even require him to give up on the Big Duece, as Tom Cable says he still thinks a lot of JaMarcus.

Things are never boring in Raiderland. As is always the case, Al Davis wont yield the power to make it stop.

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