Has Al Davis Given Up On Russell? Cable?

Tom Cable clearly has lost confidence in JaMarcus Russell. So much so that the Raiders are going with Charlie Frye, who couldn’t get the job done in Cleveland.

This could be a pivotal decision in the future of the Oakland Raiders.

In Oakland, it doesn’t always matter how much confidence the head coach has in a player, but how much confidence the owner has in a player.

Al Davis writes the checks and calls the shots, every player decision directly or indirectly goes through Al Davis. Cable has full autonomy to decide who the starting quarterback will be. He doesn’t have the power to sign a quarterback.

This morning Gradkowski’s agent Ralph Cindrich tweeted that initial reports were that Gradkowski would not need surgery and no decision had been made to put him on IR. Within minutes of this report, Tom Cable announced to the Denver media that Charlie Frye would start at quarterback.

If Gradkowski isn’t going on IR and Frye is going to start, why sign J.P. Losman?

Losman’s one year deal is actually just for the next three weeks. This means the Raiders didn’t bring him in because Gradkowski and Frye are on one-year deals, but because they want to audition him for next season.

It would be easy to say that Russell is done, but I am not so sure. No one ever knows what Davis is thinking.

Russell could be done and Cable could be back.
Cable could be done and Russell could be back.
Russell & Cable could be done.
Russell & Cable could be back.

If Cable is fired, there is a chance Jim Fassel could be the next head coach. You have to wonder is Davis talked to Fassel before signing Losman. Fassel was the Raiders Quarterback’s Coach in 1995.

If Fassel is hired, you have to wonder if Russell would be kept so Fassel could work with him. Based on Davis’ track record of firing and blaming coaches instead of blaming players he drafted, I’d say this might be the most likely scenario at this point.

I just have a hard time believing Davis has given up on Russell. I am also not sure Cable has done or will do enough to get a second full year. Unless Cable rips off three straight wins to end the season or at least two gets impressive wins and a narrow loss.

Randy Hanson having a job with the Raiders should be an indicator, but Al Davis loves surprises, so expect the unexpected.

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